2015 CEEDS Chinese Day -- Traditional Chinese culture experiences for young students

Chinese New Year, as the most important traditional Festival in China, not only marks the beginning of an auspicious new year but also carries the rich and long-lasting Chinese culture. To share the culture and festivity with young students in Cambridge, we will organise a one-day integrated event named the “Chinese Day”. We aim to bring together cultural elements through demonstration, lectures and workshops, such as Mandarin teaching, calligraphy, brush painting , music, martial arts, dancing and etc.

Entry is free and open to all local students aged 11-18 (Year 6-13)!

Sign up now!(please sign up before 11th February 2015)

【Time】11.30 - 16.30, Saturday 14th February, 2015

【Location】The Leys School, Cambridge

(Fen Causeway, Cambridge CB2 7AD)

【Proposed schedule】

11.30 – 12.00: Registration & Musical Performance

12.00 – 12.45: Mandarin Chinese

13.00 – 14.00: Chinese calligraphy & brush painting

14.15 – 15.15: Tea Ceremony

15.30 – 16.30: Chinese Kungfu

* The actual activities & arrangements on the day might be adjusted. For the latest information please contact info@cam-ceeds.org


Languagecan always provide an access to a culture. It is not only a medium but also a part of culture. Chinese language has a long time of evolution, and people outside of China are usually surprised that this language can be spoken entirely differently from one village to another. Mandarin is now the most widely used standard language in China. We will give an introduction of Mandarin from its pronunciation and writing to common expressions.

Chinese characters can be written in a regular way in daily life, but can be a form of art as well, and Chinese calligraphy can realise such a transformation. After the introduction of Mandarin, students will see how to transform the language into art, including how to use the famous four treasures of the study (brush, ink, paper and ink stone). Chinese brush painting is also a similar form of art, and involves essentially the same techniques as calligraphy. This style of painting is known today as our native painting. The module of Chinese brush painting will give students a chance to experience this native tradition.

Apart from the traditional art, we will give students the chance to learn and taste the traditional drink. In terms of traditional drink, tea is certainly the first choice in China. We will introduce a variety of Chinese tea and compare Chinese tea culture with English tea culture in the Tea Ceremony.

Besides the tea ceremony, students will experience other aspects of Chinese tradition; these include Chinese musical instruments and martial art. Each Chinese musical instrument generates a unique sound and auditory effect, and students could have a chance to learn how to play those instruments afterwards. Meanwhile, we will also have Kungfu workshop. Kungfu is usually referred to as Chinese martial art. It is even not easy to see them in modern China. Many styles are developed over thousands years in China, and we will teach students some basics about it.

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