China Zhigong Party Jiangsu Committee “Yin Feng Project” Cambridge Career Events

In accordance with Jiangsu Provincial Government’s plan to attract more talents from abroad, representatives from China Zhigong Party of Jiangsu Province are invited by CEEDS to visit Cambridge on November 8, 2011 to introduce Jiangsu Province Career information and communicate with scholars and students in Cambridge.

This event consists of two sessions:

1.     Dinner session discussion (5.30-6.45pm, invitation only): participating scholars and students will talk to representatives about their study and life in UK and future career plans over dinner in a downtown restaurant (Charlie Chan).

2.     ‘Yinfeng Project’ – Jiangsu Career Presentation (7.00-8.30pm):

Location:  Mill lane lecture room 1, Mill Lane, CB2 1SB (please see the map attached)


1. an overview of Jiangsu’s economic development and environment;

2. “Yifeng Project” introduction -- inviting Chinese scholars and students abroad to go back to visit Jiangsu;

3. preferential policies towards talents who go back to Jiangsu for work and information on job vacancies;

4. Q&A


How to sign up?

The event will be held on Tuesday, November 8th, 2011. To sign up to the presentation please send an email with your name, contact info, institution, degree and subject to Those who want to attend the dinner session discussion (free of charge) please enclose a copy of your CV. People working in high-tech sector or wishing to bring their own projects to Jiangsu are highly welcome!


More information

More information about the Jiangsu Zhigong Party and the ‘Yinfeng Project’ please visit the website at


Cambridge CEEDS Society

October 20, 2011


Download the events poster here

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