Cambridge Mayor’s visit to the CEEDS photographic exhibition in Sedgwick Museum, June 22, 2010

From June 14 to July 3, Luo Hong, one of China’s most sought after photographers and environmentalists is exhibiting his work at the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge. The exhibition itself has been arranged by the Cambridge Eastern Education and Development Society CEEDS – an official university student society for promoting education and culture exchange between the UK and China, together with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP).

Invited by CEEDS, Cambridge Councillor Sheila Stuart visited the Sedgwick museum at 12 pm on June 22, where 25 fantastic photographs are displayed. Accompanied by several CEEDS members, Councillor Sheila Stuart had a slow walk around the museum. She showed great interest in the photographs, especially those taken in West China, be it the terraces in Yuanyang, the snow scene in Huanglong, the Mt. Gongga in Sichuan, or the karst landscapes in Guilin. Amazed by several oil-painting-like photographs, Councillor Sheila Stuart expressed a strong wish to visit West China in near future!

An hour passed quickly. Getting back to the entrance of the museum, Councillor Sheila and CEEDS member took a group picture in front of the exhibition banner named ‘Ode to the Earth’ and waved goodbye to each other.  

Yi Yao

June 24, 2010

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Opportunity to Visit China

CEEDS 2015 Easter China Schools & Cities Visiting Programme, for more information please click here