Unilever Global R&D Centre (Shanghai) Career Event in Cambridge

A joint effort by the Unilever Shanghai R&D Research Centre and Cambridge CEEDS Society in attracting talented Cambridge students to devote to the fast-growing China R&D platform – the 2010 Unilever Shanghai R&D Career Event was held on November 9th Tuesday in Cambridge University Engineering Department.

The event gathered near 100 enthusiastic Cambridge students, mostly PhDs from the Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Material Sciences and Engineering Departments, who are interested and seriously considering going back to China after graduation to look for their career opportunities. “I believe China is the next superpower in Research and Development. There are already many Global Top 500 companies that have established their research centres in China, and this trend will continue in the near future”, said Miss Huang, one of the participants in this event. She added: “I have no doubt that sooner or later I will go back to China. What concerns me more is the personal development and benefit if I go back at this stage”.

To answer their questions and better show the Cambridge students that the Unilever R&D platform, especially their Shanghai Research Centre is indeed one of their best options, the Unilever Global R&D Executive Vice President Dr. Jim Crilly, Unilever Global R&D HR Director Mr. Andy Waller, together with other 10 Chinese colleagues came onsite to meet our students and communicate with them on their most interested topics. Dr. Crilly first gave a comprehensive introduction about Unilever R&D’s global strategy, with focus on its latest R&D Centre in Shanghai. After the Q&A session about some interesting points in Dr. Crilly’s talk, the students and Unilever members had a pleasant talk over the free session, with drinks, ice creams and desserts brought by Unilever and CEEDS.

At the end of the event, CEEDS presented a well-prepared gift to Unilever to thank for their trip to Cambridge and the presentation. Dr. Crilly also invited CEEDS to organize a visiting trip and bring Cambridge students to visit the Unilever Colworth site in the near future. Through this career event and upcoming contact, many Cambridge students expressed their interest to work for Unilever and have submitted their applications. The Unilever Shanghai R&D and CEEDS society are also looking into a long term collaboration in the future.

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