CEEDS 2010 Christmas party – Best wishes to all the friends Dec 25, 2010

In the middle of the festive winter, CEEDS played host to a warm and exciting Xmas party in Cambridge Murray Edwards College for members and their friends who have stayed in Cambridge on the Christmas Day.

With Christmas tree and Santa Claus shining in the corners, drinks and refreshments set on the table, the MCR of Murray Edwards College looked extremely warm and welcoming. Guests came around from 8, and chatted with each other in good mood before the party formally started. At 8.30, our handsome host Feng announced the commencement of the party. The Senior Treasurer of CEEDS, Dr. Baojiu Li was invited to make an opening speech. He welcomed the guests, praised the accomplishments CEEDS has made during the past year to promote cultural exchange and motivated members to work harder in this endeavor in the coming year. Feng then briefed the games that were prepared for the party and divided the guests into two teams A & B, for a breath-taking competition! Some games went on with shouting and laughter, some gained applause and some ‘punished’. The host also taught guests a Scottish country dance. Following that, all the guests were dancing with music to the dancing floor. The laugh and joy were coming to a summit!

With midnight approaching, guests counted down loudly and hugged together as clock stroke 12. The party drew to an end in glee and merriment.

CEEDS wishes its members and friends a merry Christmas and happy new year!  

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