Zhongguancun Science Park Cambridge Visiting and Presentation

A Career talk was given by Ms.CHENG Jianfang, the Director of the London office for Zhongguangcun Science Park on Wednesday, February 23rd in the University of Cambridge. Followed by a general introduction of Zhonggguancun Science Park, the major part of the presentation was about the start-up companies in Zhongguancun and related preferential policies. Ms. Cheng introduced a few successful start-ups established by graduated students and their successful pathways and encouraged the students to turn promising projects into start-ups. In addition, Ms. Cheng provided information on what kind of talents are needed by the companies and institutions in Zhongguancun and gave some advice on students’ career development. At last, Ms Cheng welcome students to join the annual visiting trip to Zhongguancun in the end of May. In the Q&A session, many students proposed their thought-provoking questions: some asked about the research resources in Zhongguancun, some concerned the technology transfer and Intellectual patent, while others enquired about the opportunities to newly-graduated students…Time passed quickly. Students left their emails and with CEEDS could organize more career events like this.

On February 24th, Zhongguancun representative visited some high-tech and science parks around Cambridge such as the Cambridge Science Park and St. Johns Innovation Centre in the north of Cambridge, and Cambridge Grata Park Biomedical Circle in the south. In the afternoon, Zhongguancun visited the newly founded Hauser Forum of the University of Cambridge, and had a friendly and constructive meeting with the representatives from the Cambridge Enterprise and ideaSpace – the hub for technology transfer within the University. The visit laid out the foundation for further communication and collaboration between Zhongguancun and the University of Cambridge.

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