2013 Summer China Volunteer/Teaching Programme – Information and Application

Volunteer Summer Camp in Post-earthquake Regions

Date: 01 July – 04 August 2013 (you can join part of the Camp if you have other commitments. Discuss your availability with us.)

Schedule: Volunteers spend 2 weeks in Sichuan, followed by 1- week free time for travelling, then another 2 weeks in Qinghai

Activities: Volunteers plan and give interactive lessons and activities to primary/secondary school students. It will be an amazingly fun and fulfilling experience!

Photos and journals about past years’ camps can be found at http://www.cam-ceeds.org/event.php?lang=en&ID=22and http://www.cam-ceeds.org/event.php?lang=en&ID=34


We are looking for 10 volunteers – 2 bilingual managers (fluent in English and Mandarin), 8 English/subject course teachers who are:

•        enthusiastic, motivated, responsible and easy to get along with

•        willing to work with primary/middle school students

•        previous teaching experience is preferred but not essential 

Please submit your CV and a lesson/activity plan on how you would arrange a two-week's course (one page) to 2013summer@cam-ceeds.org. Selected applicants will be interviewed in the following week.


China School and University Visiting Camp 12-22nd September, 2013

For those who wish to pay an in-depth visit to China but might not have a long holiday during the summer, here is a good news. CEEDS will organise a visiting trip to schools and universities in China for around 10 days during September.  We will talk to students in China, introduce our study and life in Cambridge, university application in UK and culture and customs in general. The camp will start from Beijing, the capital city of China. After three days, we will travel south on the China Railway High-speed (CRH) to visit schools in Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang. The camp will arrange sightseeing in each city, eg. the Forbidden City, Summer Palace in Beijing,  the West Lake in Hangzhou and ancient towns and the Oriental Pearl Tower of Shanghai.

Photos and journals about the past year’s visiting programme can be found at http://www.cam-ceeds.org/event.php?lang=en&ID=32

Please apply as soon as possible to 2013summer@cam-ceeds.org with a relevant CV and a short statement explaining why you are interested and how you can contribute.


For more information, please see the attached leaflet.


<China Earthquake Region Volunteer Teaching Programme> - in English only

<China School and University Visiting Programme> - in English only


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Opportunity to Visit China

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