New Students Events I – New meets the Old

we are delighted to announce our first New Student Welcoming Event: New meets the old. The purpose of this event is to bring together both our new and senior students together. In this way, our new students could quickly pick up lots of useful information on how to start their life and study in Cambridge. In the meantime, our new students could also get an opportunity to know each other and make friends. More information about this events are as follow:

【Time】September 26th Saturday, 7.30pm – 11.00pm

【Location】University of Cambridge Graduate Union, please map:

【Activities】Communication between old and new students, share living information about Cambridge

【Other benefit】Free drink and snacks are provides. Each new student will get a map about Cambridge and the essential stuff – a poker!

【Sponsors】Cambridge Oriental Chinese Shop; TITICACA Travel Agent

【Contact person】This event is no need to sign up, any question please contact Sun Xiang (

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Opportunity to Visit China

CEEDS 2015 Easter China Schools & Cities Visiting Programme, for more information please click here