Weekend Sports Activity: Cambridge Chinese Golf Championship

We will organize a Cambridge Chinese golf championship to bring more pleasure to Cambridge students and scholars and let you know more about this fancy game in western countries. The rule for this Golf Championship is as follow: We will divide people as four persons per team. You could either sign up as a team, or come to find your teammates. The standard golf course is 18 holes, however we will play on 9 holes course. Each team will start from first hole, then move to the second, third as so on. After finishing all 9 holes, the total score for each team members will be added up, and the team with lowest score wins. The first three teams will receive delicate awards from us, and all other participants as well - the fun to play the game and meet people! Please read on for more information if you are interested in joining this event:

【Time】10:00 am Sat. September 19th

【Venue】Cambridge Lakes Golf Course 21 Trumpington Road Trumpington, Cambridge, CB2 2AJ

【Price】6.5 pounds for all 9 holes (Student group price plus rent clubs for free!)

【Sign up】Please contact SUN M.D.(miyo235@hotmail.com) for sign us, please leave your name/work/email/mobile no. in your email.

We will also invite some experts on site to provide guide and coach you how to play. If you are new comer, you could still enjoy this event as well as the others. So why hesitate? Come to sign up for our game this Saturday!

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