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We believe everyone is unique and our members are our biggest treasure. By joining this society, we hope everyone can find pleasure from our cause and get experience to benefit their future career. If you are interested to join CEEDS and work together with us in promoting education and culture exchange across UK and China, we would be very happy to welcome you to contact us at

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EEDS is an active society in organizing many university wide education and culture exchange programmes, as well as providing opportunities for career and personal development with China-related business. We sincerely invite you to join our email list, so we could provide you with the most recent news about our progress and activities. Your email address provided to CEEDS with be kept with us and will ONLY be used for our own correspondence.

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Any valid email address can be used to subscribe with us. Pleae email using "Subscribe" (for joining us) or "Unsubscribe" (for leaving us) as title . Alternatively, goto (it asks for your university Raven password for subscription immediately) .

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This is a CLOSED mailing list established exclusively for Cambridge CEEDS Society to distribute our recent activities and career information related to China.

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CEEDS 2015 Easter China Schools & Cities Visiting Programme, for more information please click here