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“XIANG CUN” –Traditional Chinese Painting Exhibition of Northern China Villages by Mr. YANG Xiaomin, October 21st to November 3rd 2013, Cambridge Michaelhouse Centre

Traditional Chinese brush and ink paintings embrace the manifold wisdom and art of the Chinese people. This exhibition presents villages of northern China in traditional Chinese paintings by Mr. YANG Xiaomin from Nanjing University Arts & Calligraphy Centre. To record the fading traditions of northern China villages, the artist took some time off teaching travelling to villages in several provinces along the Yellow River, including Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Shandong. With the first-hand experience, Mr. YANG produced a series of paintings presenting a unique perspective. These works of art records the traditions and changes through the times of the villages of northern China, boasting both artistic and historical values. (A selection of paintings from this exhibition are available for charity auction. More information please see the exhibition webpage )


Inspired by communication – CEEDS is now an official partner of the London 2012 family

Approved by the committee of London 2012 Inspire Programme, CEEDS is honoured to become part of the London 2012 family!

The London 2012 Inspire Programme marks the first time in history that non-commercial organisations and projects outside of actual Games can be officially recognised as part of the family. More information about our Inspire Programme project please click here


CEEDS 2011-12 ChiEF Forum Series: Presentation by Prof. Zhangjie, Principal of Shanghai Jiaotong University

CEEDS is delighted to present you the first presentation for our 2011-2012 Cambridge Higher Education Forum (ChiEF) - Prof. and President ZHANG Jie from Shanghai Jiaotong University. In this presentation, Prof. Zhang will discuss the recent development of the economy, society and higher education in China, with focus on the short/long term strategy and recruitment policy of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

More information about this event and our 2011-12 ChiEF Forum please visit the forum main page.


China Zhigong Party Jiangsu Committee “Yin Feng Project” Cambridge Career Events

In accordance with Jiangsu Provincial Government’s plan to attract more talents from abroad, representatives from China Zhigong Party of Jiangsu Province are invited by CEEDS to visit Cambridge on November 8, 2011 to introduce Jiangsu Province Career information and communicate with scholars and students in Cambridge. More information


Call of the Wild - A Traditional Chinese Painting Exhibition in Cambridge

Chinese traditional painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world. Over the centuries, the growth of Chinese painting inevitably reflected the change of time and social conditions. Mr. JI Guoqiang’s Chinese painting exhibition, themed “Call of the Wild” will be held at Michaelhouse, Cambridge from Monday, 6 June 2011 – Saturday, 25 June 2011. An opening event will take place from 6.00--7.30pm on Monday, 6 June 2011, when the artist will give a speech. For more information, please click here.


<2010-2011 CAM-CEEDS Forum> ‘Financial, Economic and Diplomatic Development of China’

Following our success in the ‘2009-2010 Cambridge Chinese Youth Forum’, CEEDS is proud to present ‘2010-2011 Cambridge Eastern Education and Development Forum’ with a series of exciting talks, featuring 'Financial, Economic and Diplomatic Development of China’.

To kick off the forum, we are honoured to have invited two distinguished scholars, Prof. Shujie Yao and Dr. Kerry Brown, to discuss the challenges and the opportunities China faces. For more information, please click here.


CEEDS Summer Volunteer Programme and Teaching Internship in China

Still haven't had a plan for this summer yet? Why not go to China and join our fantastic teaching programmes? This summer CEEDS will present you two dedicated programmes to embrace this old but vibrant country: a Volunteer Summer Camp to post-earthquake regions in China and a Teaching Internship Program in Southeast China (Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou ...).

Our information Session will be held 7-8pm, 21 Feb at Lecture Theatre, Trinity Hall College. Volunteers of last year’s camp will talk about their unforgettable experience and we will be answering any related questions. For more information, please click here.


Zhongguancun Science Park Presentation, February 23rd Wednesday 6.30 - 8.00 pm

CEEDS is pleased to present you a special talk held by the Zhongguancun Science Park London Office representatives. The topics of the talk will include: What are the policies in ZGC that will support start-ups and entrepreneurs from overseas? What is the relationship between ZGC Science Park and the governing body? What the qualifications would entrepreneurs, either Chinese natives or international businessmen, need to put together the start-ups in ZGC zone in Beijing and etc.

When and where: February 23rd Wednesday, 6.30 - 8.00 pm at LR12 Room, Department of Engineering, Cambridge University, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1PZ

Programme:45-minute’s talk by DirectorMsCHENG Jianfang from Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park, London Office. Followed by 45-minute’s discussion

To book a place, please email Mr WANG ChenASAP at The places are limited to 50. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Drinks and biscuits will be served.


[CAM-CEEDS Career Event] Unilever R&D Shanghai - Cambridge Presentation

2 Billion times a day, in 170 countries, people all over the world are using
Unilever products at key moments in their day… You will have huge
opportunities to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Cambridge CEEDS Society and Unilever R&D Shanghai would like to coordinately invite you to join an exciting career talk presented by the Unilever Global R&D EVP Jim Crilly and his Chinese colleagues about the opportunity to work for the Unilever Shanghai R&D Centre. The Centre is the sixth Global R&D centre for Unilever opened in 2009, which will be the home for 600 scientists and technologists in the next few years. If you are enthusiastic about developing your career in R&D for FMCG industry in China, this event is something you can’t miss. Below is the essential information for this presentation. Hope to see you soon!

[Time]: Nov. 9th (Tuesday), 7pm to 9pm
Department of Engineering TR1 Room,
Cambridge University,
Trumpington Street,
Cambridge CB2 1PZ
[Registration]: Please email with your
name, college and subject

Drinks and Snacks will be served
Please feel free to circulate this message, thank you!


“Ode to the Earth” – LUO Hong’s Environmental Photographic Exhibition at Cambridge Sedgwick Museum, June 14th – July 3rd 2010

With the Shanghai EXPO 2010 approaching, under its theme of coordinated urban and rural development, this exhibition will revisit the important theme of conservation through the images of rare, but arresting landscapes spanning both wildest Africa and rural China. This exhibition is the work of the Chinese photographer and environmentalist, Mr. Luo Hong. Following tireless travels through Africa, and across his native homeland of western China, Mr. Luo has captured memorable moments from everyday animal and human life in unexplored regions, set against a backdrop of breathtaking panoramic views. By sharing the pictures of precious animals and unspoiled landscapes, we wish to encourage global citizens to love animals and take actions protecting the environment.

This exhibition is kindly supported by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and Cambridge University Earth Sciences Department. All the exhibition photos will be auctioned for charity purpose. For more information about the exhibition photos and auction procedure please click Luohong’s photo exhibition page

CEEDS Summer Camp in China Earthquake Regions - Volunteers Needed

From June 29 to July 09, a charity summer camp will be held in China with the main purpose of visiting the school children in the earthquake regions in Qinghai and Sichuan Provinces. We are now recruiting two more volunteers to join our trip. The plan is to visit six primary/secondary schools in Yushu of Qinghai Province, Dujiangyan, Beichuan, and Wenchuan of Sichuan Province. Volunteers will be expected to give some lectures and to organize interactive activities for the school children. Transportation and accommodation in this trip have been well arranged (flight, guide, car-driver and etc.) and relevant expenditures will be covered as well. All nationalities are welcome and we can assist with your visa application if it is necessary.

This summer activity is initiated and organized by Cambridge Eastern Education and Development Society (CEEDS), together with the Sichuan and Qinghai TV Stations. The funds for this trip are kindly provided by the UNEP and LUO Hong Environment Fund. In addition, this event will be followed by journalists and receive due media coverage. Besides visiting and interacting with the school children, we will donate some stationary items and teaching equipment to the schools.

If you are interested in joining us in this meaningful trip with love and passion, please write to us by next Monday (June 14) to with your basic information (relevant experiences), why you think the activity is of interest, and how you could make a contribution to us. Please bear in mind that since Qinghai is on the Tibetan Plateau (>3600 m), the trip can be physically demanding. Therefore relevant travel experience is preferred.

Cambridge Eastern Education and Development Society (CEEDS) 
June 8, 2010

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Opportunity to Visit China

CEEDS 2015 Easter China Schools & Cities Visiting Programme, for more information please click here