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Cambridge Eastern Education and Development Society or CEEDS, was established and registered as a non-profit society at Cambridge University around its 800th anniversary. This society has been founded out of our enthusiasm and determination in facilitating the education and culture exchange between UK and China and providing Cambridge students with career information and personal development opportunities from China-related businesses. We welcome any contacts with our society regarding building up collaborations in the following areas:

1. Hosting culture exchange activities

Since founded, we are routinely organizing culture exchange events to benefit the students and scholars in Cambridge. The society has invited Yang Shaoming (Son of the former president of the P.R.China - Yang Shangkun; Vice President of the Chinese Photography Academic Society; President of the World-wide Ethnic Chinese Photographers’ Association) to visit Cambridge and exchange ideas with Cambridge students across a variety of issues from social transformation to cultural innovation of the new China (see event report). The society is now fully engaged in preparing an upcoming environmental photographic exhibition ‘Ode to the Earth’ – from African Animals to Western China Landscapes by Mr. Luo Hong – a devoted Chinese photographer and environmentalist, which will be another influential event organized by our society to promote environmental protection and provide a platform for experience-swap between East and West (see the exhibition page for more). We sincerely hope you will join us in organizing more such culture exchange programmes together to promote communication between UK and China.

2. Holding charitable and welfare activities

Cambridge University has been well known for its tradition in charitable and welfare activities, and has lots of information and resources regarding such activities. Based in Cambridge, CEEDS has extensive collaboration with not only many humanitarian and charity communities around Cambridge, but also several international organizations and global charity funds. With our joint efforts, we hope to hold charitable and welfare activities to help people from Asia, especially China who are suffering from poverty and natural disasters. CEEDS is in the process of organizing a summer campaign to help children suffering from the most recent earthquake took place in Qinghai province, China and support the after quake urban construction or educational system recovery there. If you have other charitable and welfare activity that needs our support and organization, or if you have any suggestions to us in organizing such an event, please feel free to contact us.

3. Organizing academic visiting and exchange

As the birth place of modern sciences, Cambridge University has been cradle to great masters like Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, George Byron, Francis Bacon, Joseph Needham, John Keynes, and Stephen Hawking. Cambridge also boasts many world-class research centers like Cavendish Laboratory, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB), Needham Research Institute and Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences that has jointly produced 87 Nobel Prize Laureates, leaving behind an invaluable legacy over Cambridge’s 800-year history. This high-level platform should be well employed to connect the academic circles in China and UK. We hope to invite more scholars and students in China or East Asian countries to Cambridge to study and communicate, thus to promote the academic exchange between cultures.

4. Organizing educational training programmes

Cambridge University has the world-class academic resources, backed by its faculty, learning atmosphere and beautiful campus. As a high-end organisation in promoting educational exchanges, CEEDS has established cooperation with university departments, administrative entities and many scholars & professors in various fields. We are happy to arrange and organize training sessions for people from Chinese universities, Campuses or public institutions for them to further their study in Cambridge.

5. Organizing career talks, forums and employment events

Besides providing Cambridge students and scholars with living or travelling related information, our society is active in providing Cambridge students with career information and opportunities in finding jobs or starting up their own businesses. CEEDS hosts the annual “Cambridge Youth Forum” in Cambridge to benefit career development and idea exchange. The first forum was held in the Trinity College auditorium in October 2009 with the theme “Career and Personal Development”, which attracted over 300 audiences from London, Oxford, Glasgow, York and Edinburgh, and received coverage from several medias (see event report). We warmly welcome Chinese high-end universities, institutions and companies to contact us in organizing career events to recruit Cambridge graduates.

6. Providing career/professional consultancy services

Entitled to the academic resources of Cambridge and other world-famous universities in UK, CEEDS is ready to provide consultation and information in a variety of fields. With links to a reservoir of senior professionals working in Cambridge University and multinational companies, involved in fields across electronics and engineering, material science, energy-saving and environmental policy, biology and pharmacy, education and etc., we are in a position to provide you with professional and comprehensive consulting services regarding the latest research progress, technology transfer and market development in these fields.

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