“XIANG CUN” –Traditional Chinese Painting Exhibition of Northern China Villages by Mr. YANG Xiaomin, October 21st to November 3rd 2013

Traditional Chinese brush and ink paintings embrace the manifold wisdom and art of the Chinese people. This exhibition presents villages of northern China in traditional Chinese paintings by Mr. YANG Xiaomin from Nanjing University Arts & Calligraphy Centre. To record the fading traditions of northern China villages, the artist took some time off teaching travelling to villages in several provinces along the Yellow River, including Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Shandong. With the first-hand experience, Mr. YANG produced a series of paintings presenting a unique perspective. These works of art records the traditions and changes through the times ofthe villages of northern China, boasting both artistic and historical values.

Opening ceremony of Mr. YANG Xiaomin’s traditional Chinese painting exhibition

The opening ceremony of Mr. YANG Xiaomin’s traditional Chinese painting exhibition was held at the Michaelhouse Centre in Cambridge on Monday 21st October. Themed  “Northern China Villages”, this exhibition displays 20 paintings by Mr. YANG who is from Nanjing University Oriental Artworks Centre. Present in the opening ceremony include Chinese Embassy representative Ms. FENG Xinzeng, the Michaelhouse Centre manager Ms. Sue Binns and scholars and artists from Cambridge. <More information …

Exhibition Information

Location and Time

Michaelhouse Centre

St. Mary's Church, Trinity Street
Cambridge, CB2 1SU
Monday, 21 October 2013 – Saturday, 3 November 2013 (Exc. Sunday)
from 8.00 am – 5.00 pm
Free Admission


Cambridge Eastern Education
and Development Society (CEEDS)

Collaborators (China):

Chinese Culture Promotion Society of Jiangsu Province (CCPS)

University of Nanjing Oriental Calligraphy & Painting Research Centre

Exhibition Opening

The Exhibition opening event will be on Monday, 21 October at 18.00 – 19.00 with the attendance of the artist, scholars and students from the University, local artists and the organisers from CEEDS. If you are interested to attend the opening please send your request to info@cam-ceeds.org. Depends on the availability, an invitation card will be sent to you to confirm your attendance. 

Biography – Mr. YANG Xiaomin

Mr. YANG Xiaomin is the deputy director and professor of Nanjing University Oriental Art Works Research Centre, Arts Office director of Nanjing University Press, and also a senior member of China Artists Association.

Mr. Yang has many publications on books and journals like “Observing Art”, “Painting Magazine”, “Chinese Painters”, “Oriental Art” and etc. He has been to conferences and academic sketching trips to the US, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Cambodia and etc.

By invitation of the China Embassy in South Africa in 2011, Mr. Yang presented in the ‘Sino-African Relations Symposium’ and held a solo painting exhibition. In 2012, Mr. Yang held a joint exhibition with Prof. Bertrand BELLON of University of Paris, themed ‘Dialogue between Paris and Nanjing’. Same year, Mr. Yang held an exhibition in University of Louisville themed ‘Vitality’ and donated works to the Louisville Cancer Research Centre.

The collection of Mr. Yang can be found in notable universities, Chinese embassies, religious organisations, museums from all over the world as well as many private painters and collectors. 

Charity Auction

Auction Statement

A selection of paintings from this exhibition are available for charity auction to support the annual volunteer teaching programme in post-earthquake regions of west China being run by CEEDS. On May 12, 2008, the northern part of Sichuan Province was struck by an 8.0 magnitude earthquake which killed over 68,000 people. Then, on April 14, 2010, China’s remote Yushu county (on the Tibetan plateau), was struck by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, leaving over 2,000 dead and tens of thousands injured. Children suffered the most from these earthquakes; and many of them lost their schools, their homes or even their parents.

To help these underdeveloped post-earthquake region schools and their students, from 2010 summer CEEDS has organised an annual volunteer teaching programme to send Cambridge students to schools in Sichuan and Qinghai to give classes and organise interactive activities, in order to encourage these school children to study harder despite all the difficulties. Please follow the links below to know more about our previous years’ volunteer teaching programmes:



In the meantime, we are also accepting direct donations which will help us to organise these charity events. To make us your bits please go to our website at www.cam-ceeds.org/sponsor_us. We will make sure that every penny of your donation will be used for charitable activities of the kind. We sincerely thank Mr. Yang who has generously donated his paintings for this auction, and we thank you all for your kind support in our charity cause!

Cambridge University CEEDS Society

August 26, 20103


Auction instructions

We suggest you to think seriously before make the bidding. If you do like any of our exhibited paintings, all you need to do is to fill up a bidding form and drop it in the letterbox on site, or make your bidding online (via bidding links beside each painting). At the end of the exhibition, the highest bidder will be notified by us before November 10th in obtaining the artworks. The rules for the sealed bidding are as follow:

1. The auction date is from now on until November 9th. Each painting for this auction is attached with a certificate card signed by the artist.

2.Every bidder can choose up to five paintings they want purchase, ranking from 1 – 5 (or indicate your preference online). At the end of the auction we will sell paintings to the highest bidder and make adjustments according to your preference.

3. Please make sure to provide us authentic information. The bidding is considered invalid if you provide wrong or incomplete information.

4. You will be confirmed by email after submitted your bidding request. Please refrain to contact us unless you haven’t heard from us by November 10th, the close date of the auction.

5. If you have not heard from us after November 15th, you may assume your bidding has been unsuccessful. However, there may be still some unsuccessfully bid paintings available to purchase. You are welcome to come to the exhibition webpage to have a check.

6. If you have submitted the bidding, we have the rights to require you purchase the artworks. If you change your idea, please let us know in writing before November 10th.

7. We prefer you to take the painting by yourself, or by postal or delivery with shipping fee.

8. The CEEDS society reserves all the rights for this sealed bidding auction.

Exhibition Paintings (Click on the picture to expand)